To prune Rhododendron or not?
In general, there is no need to prune the rhododendron (Rhododendron). Pruning a Rhododendron is only necessary if you find it too big or if the leaves turn yellow. If you want the plant to recover, the rhododendron needs to be pruned back considerably. It will sprout again on all branches where the rhododendron is pruned. The flowers will reappear the following year.

When to prune rhododendron?
Preferably prune the Rhododendron in late March or early April on a cloudy day. After pruning, the rhododendron does not look pretty, but the branches will grow again quickly and the following year the flower buds will also appear and the rhododendron will bloom again. Read more at when to prune. Do you really want to enjoy the flowers? Then pruning in May or June just after flowering is also possible. In addition to pruning, it is also smart to cut off the faded flowers of the rhododendron, so that the plant can put a lot of energy into the plant and the seeds again.

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