When to start a herb garden?
It is best to start a herb garden in September. This is the ideal time for planting herbs in the garden, as the soil is still warm and the plants can take root before the growing season starts. The plants are then already a bit stronger and can sprout nicely in the spring. If you are going to sow herbs yourself, look at the packaging when is the best time to sow the herbs.

Choosing herbs for a herb garden
You can choose many types of herbs for a herb garden. Look at the herbs you already use in the kitchen and regularly buy in the supermarket. It is easiest to choose perennials for an herb garden. The herbs sage, rosemary, thyme, savory wither in the winter, but all sprout again in the spring. Chives and oregano die completely above ground in the winter, but can also bloom again in the spring. Sage is moderately hardy and will sometimes have to be replaced after a severe winter. Do you want to be sure that plants will really grow well? Also look at the soil type in the garden and the associated plants, Mediterranean herbs, for example, do well on sandy soil. Read all about types of herbs.

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